Oct 24, 2005

.Amaran Kepada Melayu Yang Beragama Islam

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Oct 21, 2005


Datin Seri Endon Mahmood passed away at 7.55 a.m. yesterday after a long battle of breast cancer. She is the First Lady of Malaysia, the wife of our Prime Minister Pak Lah, and a big contributor for this country. She is well known for her kind hearted and loving leader. Two years of suffering, she was relieved by Allah. Al- Fatihah

Oct 20, 2005

.boring time

Here I am, sitting in this stupid creaky seat that have been violated for like a thousand times oledi. This seat should've been in the junkyard waiting to be burnt down. This cyber cafe is very old though. This cyber cafe is one of my favourite. It's comfy and look very suram, suitable to surf the internet with serenity, suitable to surf porn also :].

I skipped school today. Very tired after watching Champions League last nite. Heck of a boring lame game. Such a waste of time watching that game.

This morning I went to Yik Foong to try and sell my Game Boy Advance but to no avail. All the shops in there doesn't want to buy it. It makes me very upset because my GBA is in very very good condition.

All of you who wanted to buy my GBA can contacted me at NitroGieniq@gmail.com. The price is around RM150.00 plus three free gametape. I really needed that money to buy a new handphone. Currently mine is Nokia 3300. Can you imagine? a big bulky handphone to use in this 3G age? I felt ashamed!

So all you guys out there please buy my GBA. I beg you all. Please...

Oct 9, 2005

.the best offer

My sister forwarded me this flyer today. I am looking forward to go to this buffet anytime soon. Intriguing flava of Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Chicken Foldover, Chicken McNuggets, Ayam Spicy McD and Sundae-Ooh really seduce me. Can't wait lar to go there...

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Oct 8, 2005

.it's been awhile

Been such a very good+bad boy this week. The start of Ramadhan hasn't make me feel insaf. Very boring though for the past 2 weels. No internet, no ps2, no porn tv's. All I did was study and study and study. The exam is barely 1 month from now and I haven't prepared a things. Figured this time my result won't be as menyerlah as my PMR.

Last week I have submitted my Matriculation form via my friend's computer. I took Melaka as my first choice, the second is Ipoh and the third choice is Johor. Doesn't even have a clue where is Melaka's matriculation situated. I just followed my girl's choice so that we can be together after SPM.

Things aren't gonna be fine for me in the duration of Ramadhan. Getting a sore throat and some flu made me feel like I'm gonna kill myself. The sickness is getting worser everyday though as I can't take my daily vitamins on time. I only can take the medicine after the berbuka and before Imsak.

I hope my sickness is gonna be fine before Raya and before SPM. I do really hope that.