Aug 15, 2007

.kiss my a$$ and tell me what you think

Selamat siang semua.

It's been years since my last entry. Been rather busy with loads of workshits and shits. Tentatively, I have been in a depressive mode all this time. Social interaction is depleted. I developed into a more serious person, probably still missing dad and money problems. Sangat tahi.

The house I'm living right now is heaven for me. I felt calm and got more freedom here, compared to living at home or at college. Before this I I have 5 roommates but now 1 fuckily withdraw himself from this house. So as a result rent paying cost more and probably I couldn't save money anymore like I used to.

Classes are okay I think. My schedule was packed on Monday 8a.m-10p.m. but the rest of the days are happy time. PTPTN cost a shit out of me. Still don't get the money coz they say got problems in my account.

I'll be driving my old family car from now on to class coz mom told so. wtf more and more money gone spent not according to plan.

Sekian, terima kasih.