May 29, 2007

.lk my sht??

Selamat Siang semua.

I comtemplates, a lot.

Yes guy's, people do abbreviated their text messages to make it short and simple. This will save space to write long messages and also to save money. Heck, 1cent for 1 sms is considered expensive nowadays..hehe..
But is it appropriate to type "like my shirt?" text like this??

What do u think about the text?
Hahaha :D

Missing dad day by day :(

May 17, 2007


Selamat Siang semua..

Dah lama gila aku xhapdet blog neh..dah berabok dah bersawang pon..ngaa..kebizian ngn kemalasan yang teramat sgt utk menghapdet blog neh..
11/04/07 is the day my dad passed away.ape yg terjadi btoi2 mengubah idup aku..he died of heart attack lebey kurg 7.00-8.00mlm tried to saved him but to no avail.Semoga Roh-nya dicucuri Rahmat n ditempatkan di kalangan orang yg beramat Soleh. Al- Fatihah.

I really2 missed dad. His joke,his laughter, his voice and his smile really makes me missing him. No more seeing him riding his old honda c70 around this kampung.

No dad is like him..To me he's the greatest dad i had ever met, better than other dad there is.

I'll try to be consistent in updating my blog after this..ngee