Nov 29, 2005

.lomo history

In the early 1990s a couple of students discovered a small, enigmatic Russian camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat, and created a new style of artistic experimental photography with their first unorthodox snapshot cavortings. The approach: taking as many photographs (Lomographs) as possible in the most impossible of situations possible and from the most !unusual positions possible, and then having them developed as cheaply as possible. The result is a flood of authentic, colourful, crazy, off-the-wall, unfamiliar and often brilliant snapshots. These are mounted on panels to form a sea of thousands of Lomographs which regularly astonish viewers with their sheer colourfulness, diversity and power of expression. Ensuing major exhibitions in Moscow, New York, Vienna, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Havana, Zurich, Cologne, Madrid, Cairo, Tokyo and many other cities, where up to 100,000 Lomographs were shown at a time, established an international reputation for Lomography.

So, what started out spontaneously as an artistic approach to photography in the Vienna underground scene developed into a far-reaching, international socio-cultural movement. This development has been supported by the marketing of products that have since been 'discovered' or specially developed by the Lomographic Society: extraordinary snapshot camera!s (for example, the 4-lensed cameras or the Holga), photoFashion, photographic accessories, Lomographic books etc.. Also by a diversity of cultural activities organised regularly by the Lomographic Society in 35 countries around the world. The specially inaugurated LomographicAmbassadors look after LomographicFriends on a regional basis and organise all sorts of activities, such as exhibitions, parties, shows, LomographicShootings and tours, publications, international and local art projects, also collaborating on projects in the areas of film, music and the new media, as well as providing local support in a series of annual world-wide events and competitions.

The social and visual credo of Lomography had a strong influence on the function and aesthetic of photography in the 1990s. Today the community of Lomographers has over 500,000 members world-wide. Among these are mere mortals like you or me, but also such famous individuals as Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson,! David Byrne, Pulp, Underworld, Helmut Lang, Moby and Robert Redford, to name just a few. The basic Lomographic idea – be fast, don't think, be open-minded towards your environment, absorb everything, collect and enjoy being communicative – has spread into a culture of communication and an approach to awareness that is shared throughout the Lomographic network. The creative premise is based on the playful combination of lo-tech and hi-tech and the amalgamation of a cultural institution with a commercial photographic and design company. And this approach has provided the Lomographic movement with a most exquisite role in this age of global and borderless (tele)communications wherever language, text and images are involved.

Where is all this going? The Lomographic Society is busy beavering away with hundreds of thousands, soon to be millions of Lomographers, on and on, on the perpetually ongoing LomographicSysiphus project: The LomoWorldArchive. Th!is is the most comprehensive archive of snapshots of all time, with all – really all – the wackiest and most impossible sights and moments of our time!

Where is this archive? In Lomographers' shoe-boxes, stacked on chairs, tables, in cupboards, drawers, and on the ceilings, floors and walls of Lomographic homes, in LomographicAlbums, at the Lomographic Society International Central Office in Vienna... and in the highest, most select quality and concentration, online in the LomoWorldArchive at the global communications centre of Lomography:

Nov 28, 2005


Really bored right now. Taking a break before continue studying chemistry. Bored! Wish tomorrow's paper easy.

Nov 27, 2005

.what a day

Gone to the pottery this morning. I still am shocked now that I went to the pottery, which I hated so much, with my mother. Why? I don't know why.

On my way to this cyber cafe I watched an accident. Some sort of stupid girl driver slammed onto a motorcyclist. Seems that it's the girl's fault. Driving fast in the lorong belakang without paying attention. The motorcyclist was bleeding. To escaped from helping, I kiasued myself by pretending that I didn't see that accident.

Just now I heard Ambulance's siren coming and I hope that nothing serious happened to that guy.

Nov 26, 2005

.Rock The World VI

It really rocks if I goes to the
Rock The World (RTW) concert this year. After 5 series of it, I finally been given the green light to go experienced the Malaysian rock industry's concert. Well, technically, I was given the free-to-go thing because I have finished my SPM. Caged for 5 years is totally sucks!

A night in Stadium Merdeka on 17th December would be a night to remember. Been saving enough money to go there from the start of this year. Guess gonna go with all my friends. The big problem is that they were all some sort of hangat-hangat tahi ayam one. Today they will say they wanna go but tomorrow different.

I really hope can go to RTW and be the early 5000 (is it?) entries because can get free RTW VI T-Shirt.

Will took pictures when I got there and will posted it into this blog.

it's absurd

Malaysian Police have shown their true self yesterday.

My first impresion is that policewoman looks exactly like this, but she is more feminine and wearing a veil.

Reckon that's gonna tarnish the image of the Malaysian Police and Malaysia. Guess all the men who were there that time must've awaken their 'big bird' the whole time.

Nov 25, 2005

long time no blog

It's been such a long time since I posted new post. Having quite a busy time these days and to tell you, it's killing me slowly. SPM's sucks, the question is tougher than what I had imagined especially for the B.M paper and Physics. I used to hear all those sayings that SPM is easier than the Percubaan Paper and I must say it's definitely the opposite of it. It's sucks though, studying and SMSing at the same time. Really can't concentrate in studying as the SMS came after a few seconds I reply the previous SMS. Damn it!

So as a result, my brain cannot receive the knowledge fully and of course the output of it during the exam is disastrous. Brain damage I might say.

Now is the relaxing time for me before next week whereas all the day for next week is full of exams. L.K, Chemistry, PKEE, Agama and EST all at the same week. Brain damage kuasa dua.
But heck, it's a jolly good day after that. No more studying (for now), no more staying up late for study, no more waking up early and of course totally freed from the cage.

Been into i-bands and star wars right now. They just get me crazy for it. Star Wars have been on this world for quite some time and only now I started to love it. Don't know why I liked it. Maybe because of that lovely Padme or those primate-with-lots-of-pubic-hair-covering-their-body thingy. Will start collecting Star Wars merchandise now.

Just before Hari Raya I've bought a used Sony Ericsson T630 from an auctioner in Bought it for RM320 which is very-very cheap for this phone. The phone is awesome and the one I like the most is the camera. The picture from the camera is clearly no match for other phone in it's years.

Yup, this black sleeky phone is mine