Sep 23, 2005

.i'm impressed

Real Madrid finally shows their real side against Athletic Bilbao by winning 3-1. A brace from Raul and an excellent header from Robinho sealed their win. A little bit disappointed to watch Woodgate's debut in he scoring an own goal but overall they have shown their skills.

I'm finally impressed.

Sep 20, 2005

.total humiliation

This is the THIRD time in a row that Real Madrid lost. It's very disappointing to watch your favourite team flush their way down the drain. Some sort of bad chi is strucking the team. Galacticos? To me it's gonna be las bacterias pequeñas meaning "the small bacteria".

With all sorts of problems in the pitch and in the boardroom, the players should be playing more and more bersemangat to make all the fans pleased. Instead, they lost. How can they can be defeated by a team that can be considered murahan such as Espanyol and Celta Vigo? Celta Vigo have just been promoted to Primera Liga this season. And against Cadiz, they conceded one goal to the underdogs. Did they lose their focus after Figo left? He hasn't play for such a long time for last season to be blamed. Or after Owen were sold to Newcastle?

3-0 to Lyon? Ronaldo and Raul has for sure had lost their touch as a powerful striker. Wanderlei Luxembourgo has done such a stupid act by selling Figo, Owen, Morientes and Solari. They're all the strike force for Real Madrid. Instead he bought those young Brazillian just to get red carded at stoppage time.

This man had done some major mistake to the team.

He should have done what the likes of Jorge Valdano and Fabio Capello did to this team a few years ago. They were the one who makes this team a Galacticos. So Wanderlei, wise up and sharpen up the team the way they were supposed to be. Makes us proud as a Galacticos. Next week is your time to show your capabilities or the boardroom will get your head.

Sep 19, 2005

.it ends!

Tomorrow will be my final paper as I have been through two weeks of suffering. About 21 papers for 11 subjects I have gone through. Very memenatkan and have to squeeze my brain to figure out the best tembak answer for certain "easy" questions. The hardest paper is probably for chemistry papers especially the paper two. So damn fcuking hard. All I did was sleeping during the exam because I don't know the fcuking answers. My friends also joined me in dreamland during the exam.

Next up tomorrow: ADD MATHS paper 1 and 2. I have always been bad at numbers and figures. For the duration of me studying add maths I have only passed once during form 4 and that also for bab fungsi kuadratik. Now I have confirm that I don't want to study tonight because it doesn't effect my result even a little bit. Past exams I do study but during the exam what I can think of is porn ..err...ps2.

Hopefully the exam will be postponed or cancelled tomorrow. That way I'm gonna be the happiest boy in the world.

Sep 18, 2005


Why did I blog? Obviously for FUN and my anxiety of the blogging itself. I admit that I really cannot blog because my English is very bad. I'm one of the Malays that knows "knows" how to write but can't speak it. I have absolutely no confidence in speaking English. Sometimes when I try to speak English, what people hear was mumble as if I'm talking to myself. And I'm sure you all will felt the same to.

Born as an English Teacher's son doesn't mean anything to me. I wasn't taught to have my self confidence and I learnt it myself. I'ts kinda bad though because you have to do all by yourself without guidance. So as a result the self confidence in me is really down and that makes me sad because all my siblings have very high self esteem. I really envy them and I wanted to be just like them.

So I try to improve my self confidence by blogging. I really hope this will be effective in improving my English and my self confidence. Well after this I'm gonna go to The Lost World to have some H2O with my girl.

Sep 14, 2005

.big fight

Gotten into my most gruesome fight with my girl today. I nearly said that "sacred word" to her. The reason is that she persuades me to do what I don't like. I hates to be persuaded you know. Do you like to be bossed around? I hated my mom because she always bossing me around as if I'm a small kids. What kind of mom that's following you around whenever you go out? She were very protective to me, me alone, not my other siblings. I hated it mom.

I'm sorry my girl. This will never ever happen again and I will try to alter my ego as better as I can. I love you so much my dear forever and ever.

Sep 13, 2005

.which malaysian blogger am i?

This is what I get for entering his personality test.

Congratulations sigg, you are...

Kenny Sia of

You have it all, or so you think. Big balls, big bird, big everything. Also a big heart and ever-ready big hug to give out to everybody who needs one. But you didn't know this. You're the one who need a hug the most. So hugs to you!


Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

.vending machine

While looking for some new inventions, I came across a website that shows how the undercover Police in Japan concealed as Coke Machine. Yes, that’s right! Right this moment, there are undercover police force agents in Japan concealed as Coke Machines. This is more secretive than cameras, which anyone can spot out in the open if they look hard enough, and gives the police force the added mobility and quick reaction times so necessary for today’s crime fighters. The Japanese, however, are sloppy, as is evident because we caught a police officer going through the transformation. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Creative huh? I'm sure her hands will get cramp for holding that "Coke-Machine" for quite a long time

Sep 11, 2005

.I've won!

This is what's left in my wallet for this week. That exactly 80cents if u count. So very amat sangat terlalu poor for me. Heck, I really spent a lot especially on comics. I'd rather live a malnutirion live than not reading comics as that is my source of entertainment. Didn't have the time to watch teevee 'coz im busy sms-ing studying.

I have just bought my Kreko this morning. Shocked and flabbergasted, I have won the Astro Boy contest which I entered last month. Yep, that's my name down there.

Of over 200+ contestant, I am one of the 30 winners which will get a small action figure from the manga Astro Boy. The contest is very simple. You just have to find 9 differences in two pictures and circle it. So after that I bought my lovely Kreko and went back home. A few hours later, postman came and gave me this.

That's my name over there

The prize that I get :- an Astro Boy Jumping Toy.

I am very proud of my achievement. Even though the prize was quite cheap but heck, it's free! My happiness can be seen today as I kept smiling and smiling even when I were kena marah for not cleaning up my dish after lunch. This happiness covers my sadness of having only 80 cents in my pocket

This is such a happy world. I'm lovin' it!

Sep 8, 2005


I was strolling through ogrish to find when I found this. My first impression was "Ew!who could have done that kind of stupid thing?!" I'm really flabbergasted by this picture.

How can a nun cook their own friends? Did they hate her? Was she a mean women? Those at the back seems happy about this cooking. Are they watching Makan Apa Bos on Ntv7?


It's 12.15 a.m and I still couldn't sleep. Lots of my time today have been contributed in studying for my SPM Trials. It's kinda boring though but must do it to obtain good results. I hope to get at least 4A's which I think I can't make it as a reality.

Sep 7, 2005


Hello everyone and welcome to I am Sigg. Maybe you have heard of this name somewhere but believe me, this is really my own nick because people always say that I always sick. Well, sick can become Sigg right?hehehe...

This is my first blog as I have read other people's blog. So I thought to myself,"hey this sounds fun!". And that's the start of my maiden journey of blogging. I do hope you readers will enjoy it although I am not a good reader but I will try to do my best.

As you read my blog, you will find out that i don't have gravity in my life. Bookmark me and if you are an experienced blogger, I hope that you can help me.