Mar 27, 2006

."korang dtg awai tolak la troli tu bg naik atas,xkn tu pon aku nk ckp.."

It do feels shtifcuk if u got an "ass"istant supervisor who acts like he owns the place-more than the supervisor himself. It really does! If we his 'anak buah' have the opportunity we would like to beat him to death n wraps him and tied an anchor to his body and dumps him into a river. And this keyboard sucks..tooooooo ssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnssssssssssssiiiiiiiittttttttttiiiiiiiivvvvvvvveeeeeeee

Mar 21, 2006

.hullo there

I landed myself a job, yeah the same one I had previously. I called The Store this morning to ask for availability and they said yes, a Warehouse Assistant job. Whoa I'm sure is lucky. They must've been desperate for workers as I didn't have to go for interview. Tomorrow I'm supposed to report for duty at 930a.m.. Haha so my money shortage will never happened again. Goodbye poverty hi hi money..

Penangite also got a job today (isn't that a coincidence?) at Plaza Bukit Jambul as a cashier for Marrybrown. Good for her as she always complained to me that she's bored and loney at home when I'm working.

We both had our job and decided to contribute 20% of the salary to our Wedding Bank.Haha that sure is stupid.

Mar 17, 2006

.fully recovered

Meet my new time-filling toy~>SYMA RC Helicopter.

Some says it's a waste of money, I thought who says that are wasted-freak.

That picture is not the real picture, I didn't have the device to upload the picture so I stole this picture from another website. It's quite a big silver coloured helicopter, measures from nose to tail about 30cm and have the wingspan about 20cm. Bought it from barfar at for rm118, which is still very cheap compared to the price ToyCity who sells it at rm199.

It hovers and flies quite good, considered superb for electric powered helicopter. It's 99% ready to fly as I just need to buy 8 AA batteries for the controller and it functions normally.

I guess this is the way to fill my boring days at home. Charged for 35minutes and flies non-stop for about 15minutes. Didn't have the opportunity to fly it higher because of the limited space in my house but will try it on open air with Apal, my wacko friend. Just hope that he won't try to eat the white gear under the motor that looks like the Keropok Roda sold by the Samy The Indian Guy

The booklet that comes with it told me that if it spins in the air without ur own will, u can adjust it using screwdriver to the potentiometer to stabilize it. I tried, and I broke the potentiometer. Just ONCE playing with it and I broke it. That's why mom always said that I had butterfinger problem.

If my butterfinger problem was a snack, I would be rich, unfazebly rich.

So as a result it worsen to spuns more uncontrollably in the air. As an electric student, fixing it shouldn't be a problem or if not I should be considered dumbass. I opened the circuit and found out that it had broken to pieces because of hard pressure on turning the potentiometer. Went to State Electronics and bought a new one, soldered it again and voila! It fixed. A new asset for me though having this helicopter.

What disaster will strike next?Only GOD knows. And yeah I know my post IS totally boring. I admit that.

Mar 14, 2006


The result were out. I am heartbroken.

Mar 11, 2006

.tagging is for doofus


first best friend: apal,since standard 1,until now
first item you stole: my sister's diary
first pet: the siamese fighting fish, didn't have the chance to name it-it died the next day due to starvation
first piercing: using jarum peniti n pierce my thumb, it's stupid
first school: Madrasah Al-Hidayah. I grown up to be not very religious though
first house location: Kuarters JKR Pekan Lama, Ipoh
first crush: elementary, fifi
first kiss: with my auntie's cat
first car: datsun 120Y, faithfull car, sold and turned to be used for an orchard

last time you smoked: i dont smoke ciggarettes
last food you ate: Maggi kari
last movie you watched on dvd at home: Big Daddy, watched it over n over.never bored
last movie you watched at the cinema: Buli Balik. I'm not go-to-movie kinda guy
last text message: ok-'penangite'
last music video u saw: beyonce / check on it, my adrenaline rushed too fast man
last song you listened to: Kaiser Chief - Everyday I love u less n less
last words you said: pc 10 ye

dated a best friend: nope
been arrested: yes. suspected drug addict
been on TV: nope, not famous enough
eaten sushi: definitely
cheated on your BF/GF: a habit
been on a blind date: nearly
been out of the country: yes, thailand
been in love: i've always been in love

1. nike watch
2. movve wallet
3. real madrid shirt
4. bata slippers
5. fake levi's jeans
6. chequered boxer, red+chocolate
7. volcom belt

1. showered
2. clip my nails
3. update my blog
4. checked my blog
5. watch porn
6. buying things online

1. internet
2. music
3. my room
4. shit
5. magazines

1. 'penangite'
2. me
3. apal
4. dad

1. rich as hell
2. rich as hell
3. rich as hell

vanilla or chocolate: chocolate+vanilla
rock or rap: rock definitely. rap sucks!

not now,after this. my lovely sweet 'penangite'.she just got back yesterday

Mar 8, 2006

.5 most interesting quotes

Calon pertama: CHEF WAN

"Tolonglah! ia sebuah kelab tarian dan sudah tentu niat saya pergikesana untuk menari. Bagi saya itu tidak salah kerana niat saya untuk berhibur sambil bersenam. Bukankah menari satu daripada riadahseperti aerobik?",

Calon kedua: MISHA OMAR

"Misha rasa gembira menyambut kemerdekaan negara kali ini keranakaliini, dapat berduet ngan abang jamal".

Calon ketiga: SYANIE

"Syanie...apakah niat anda apabila anda berjaya mengurangkan beratbadan"...Jawapan dari Syanie.."Niat saya yg pertama..ingin memakai bikini ditepi pantai.....".

Calon keempat: AHLI KUMPULAN X FACTOR (tak tau sapa)

"Saya gembira menyambut hari kemerdekaan kita bila negara kitaberjaya mencapai kemerdekaan pada tanggal 31 Ogos, 1956," jawabsalahseorang ahli kump X-Factor apabila ditemubual dalam satu rancangan khas mengenai kemerdekaan tahun lalu dalam siri "Bersama Norman"yangdisiarkan di TV1.

Calon kelima: FIZA

"Fiza pakai seksi sebab bersyukur dengan pemberian tuhan"

So much for a celebrity talk. :D

Mar 7, 2006

.at first i was afraid, i was petrified!

Been quite a few days(8 days actually) I havent got the idea to blog. Now since that I does, I can blog lah. And definitely the last entry was sooo lame, I copied it from an e-mail which my greek-speaking sista forwarded it to me.

The day after yesterday, I nearly contracted avian influenza. I woke up that day and I felt cold, I got a runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivity and I ate CHICKEN last nite at McD. Petrified, I go through The Star newspaper looking for the symptoms of this so-called deadly virus and the result that I had was I have 5 symptoms of 6. The other one was muscle ache( as in unable to do things even lifting own hands.).Sungguh-sungguh menakutkan.

I'm afraid to tell my parent because I boasted the other nite when eating Ayam Spicy McD.

Mom: Ei kamu x takot ke mkn ayam neh??
Me : Nak takot pe ayam dh msk dh...lgpon bdn org sihat lg, gagah perkasa lg.
Mom: It's up to u la k..I'm not responsible.
Me : ..........(afraid actually)

So I brave up, acting like I wasn't sick. And the next day I woke up and realized that I am not sick anymore. I check through the window to see wether no bird, chicken or puyuh died. And I even learned to drive my greek-speaking sista's automatic vios. Very easy, easier than I thought and she approved. She even offered me to lemme use her car to pick my SPM result next Monday. I drools profusely :D