Oct 8, 2005

.it's been awhile

Been such a very good+bad boy this week. The start of Ramadhan hasn't make me feel insaf. Very boring though for the past 2 weels. No internet, no ps2, no porn tv's. All I did was study and study and study. The exam is barely 1 month from now and I haven't prepared a things. Figured this time my result won't be as menyerlah as my PMR.

Last week I have submitted my Matriculation form via my friend's computer. I took Melaka as my first choice, the second is Ipoh and the third choice is Johor. Doesn't even have a clue where is Melaka's matriculation situated. I just followed my girl's choice so that we can be together after SPM.

Things aren't gonna be fine for me in the duration of Ramadhan. Getting a sore throat and some flu made me feel like I'm gonna kill myself. The sickness is getting worser everyday though as I can't take my daily vitamins on time. I only can take the medicine after the berbuka and before Imsak.

I hope my sickness is gonna be fine before Raya and before SPM. I do really hope that.

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