Dec 27, 2005


Smlm stat keje...dafta pagi kul 9.30...jumpe supervisor security the store yg garang nk mampos n kecoh n bajet-bos-the-store!!!then g HR isi borang kwsp,jwb kuiz bodo2 pase The Store,baca memo2 bodo n duit rm5 melayang utk badge The Store...boring gilak...masa smpe tuh bodo2 je xtau pe nk wat...sib baik ade lg 4 org new staff...klu x
sure aku lg2 btmbh bengong...then bwk g jumpe supervisor aku...laki...mlayu...sng r nk lepak2 n curi tulang...

Dia bwk g melancong mengenali work area aku...n sib baik gak ada sorg mmbr lama dr acs dlu keje kt department sama ngn aku...warehouse...kami semua ada 17 org n sok2 ada lg sorg nk stat keje...

1st day xda keje sgt pon...just susun2 pallet n check mane yg ley guna n xley utk direpair...then tolak2 brg kirenye keje aku dr 8jam tu 2jam je keje n len2 lepak tgk2 amoi n smbg2...

Arini stat la keje berat2...angkat tolak tarik troli,jack n troli besar...500 kotak dinamo smpe pagi2 kne r stack up n susun2 dlm tinggi 3.5meter...pnt gile...then stack up lak canned food 4 troli besar...stack up beras dlm 2 troli besar...

Overall aku satisfied la keje cni...xda shift...keje 9.30am-6.30pm je...n ms2 len kire ot..cuti ahad...mmbr2 best...havoc r xdala bosan sgt...ade je lawaknye...tetmbh asst supervisor yg bnyk wat lwk n ske sgt picit bontot org len..sangap kut dia tuh...

Dec 24, 2005


Got back from vacation in Pulau Pangkor this evening. So today would not be an english-languaged entry. It's Malay now.

Btolak pg kemarin dlm kul 11a.m. Memule org ngn O nek gti g Mobil dlu sbb O ckp nk g abehkan smile card dia yg blambak gila points dia tuh..but before that O nk mek duit kt maybank but to no avail..nk withdraw duit tp ada stupid error..mechanical error kut..btoi2 kdekot duit toi maybank neh..

Org acik n O nek gti and mama abh n angah nek vios. vios tu ptt org nk nek tp dsbbkan keta tu mcm utk org koporat je sbb mama n abh n angah ade.. sure smbg politik je...dowh...

Dlm keta nyanyi lagu mcm2....lagu yg abh reka utk kami dlu tuh,lagu skola acs,lagu skola o,lagu skola abh lama lagu sys,lagu pendidikan perak n suma lagu2 masyarakat....gile toi klu kami sekreta...then ms cd lagu disagree,suma try nk ikot mcm vokalis dia wat "hey" selama mungkin...last2 org kalah and o mng...bengang jek...

Smpe lumut dlm kul 12 kot....g paking kt tokong cine kt depan jeti..tmpt menakutkan ngn patung2 n bau insence sbb parking space dia secured gile2 O pon sajes park keta kt situ...

Naik bot xda pape yg best pon duk luar spnjg bot bjalan blayar n derg suma mcm mabuk laut je xnk duk luar...acik adela kuar2 jap tngkp gamba...

Smpe jeti pangkor trus nek van g Nipah Bay Villa..tmpt kire ok la slesa n privacy skit...omputeh bnyk gila kt chalet neh...suma n O mleley je...1st day kt sn org o acik n angah je gila...snorkeling bodo2 kt tepi pantai tuh...xda ikan je...btuah kali ni org xkrem kaki...klu x...naya je...mlm g mkn n tido dlm kul 12...awai sbb pnt kut...

2nd day g round2 pulau nek van, g pasar pangkor,tokong cina yg ada miniature great wall of china n monget,kota belanda yg ciput tuh,n kilang wat ikan satay...then tgh ari skit snorkeling kt tmpt yg ada ikan kecik2...matahari xterik lgsg dr kul 12 smpe kul 5 kami mndi laut...kaki tgn dh kecut n mata dh bengkak sbb air masin bnyk sgt kne mata..kt sn bnyk gamat...bile pgg dia pancut sumthing like air mani mens-genital-breeding-semen....geli gila...dlm snorkeling tuh ada la dpt ketam kecik, umang2,sipot pe tah n some dead coral...

Mlm tu wat bbq...kt tepi ayam dh itam sbb arang yg guna utk bakar tu xsmpt nk jd bara dh letak ayam...ayam tu dgn secara rasminye mendpt gelaran ayam carbon sbb carbon bnyk ada kt kulit ayam...msk anjing panas lg...n then lepak2 tepi pantai smpe kul 2pg...

Pg tadik lak g island hopping..nek bot g mongkey bay, pulau mentagor (mcm sangap mentagor je nama dia),n pulau giam(also called coral island) gile bile bot tu mlawan mcm thempas2 mcm nk tpelanting je....then dlm kul 1 ptg btolak blk ipoh....

Skang penat gila babeng n gamba2 lomo yg org mek tu akan dicuci pas org ada duet n klu ada masa sbb lusa dh nk more exhausting thingy...hoho

Gamba akan diapload selepas org g cc sbb besa la pc umah ni slow gla...kura2 lg laju


xsambut tp saje je nk ckp merry christmas and a happy new year...
ho ho ho

Dec 20, 2005

.life sucks!

Nothing interesting happens after my last post. Eating, sleeping, fucked up by my friends meeting and have fun with my friends, playing ps2 games, internet, watch tv, quarreling with my gurl, is a regular basis for me these days. Nothing else to do. I am DEAD bored.

Mom and dad as usual doesn't get along very well. Arguing for who gets to watch his/her favourite tv show. The result-I didn't get to watch MY OWN favourite tv show. That stupid finely filmned Malaysian soap drama and Phillipines' soap named Wala Nang "Belangkas" really makes me wanna puke. It's all such a bloody fcuking crap but still they liked it. *Sigh*

I'm craving for Laksa these days. Every day I dreamt about eating that Laksa Kedah at Padang Polo. With that alluring smells of laksa with prawn paste added in, no other dish really salivates me. Right now I'm drooling like hell thinking of it. Must get that "preciousssss..." these evening no matter what even though I reckon this evening gonna be raining like hell.

Watched Catatan Akhir Sekolah last Friday. Bought it at Yik Fong that day. I heard of it in about a million times that this movie is very good but this is the first time I found that movie. My rating? 8/10 I would give. Credits for the good cinematography and the director really knew how to blend colors into this movie. Seems like watching Salon, but it's a thousand times more entertaining. Malaysian who watched it must watch it thrice to really understand this film. The Bahasa Gaul they use it very fast and queer. Some words I have never ever heard of. But still, it is a very good film.

A story about 3 best friends, Alde, Agni and Arian who wanted to make a short documentary film about their school. They thought that creating a school book is a lame and dorky these days.
So go find out these movie, it's hilarious and entertaining.

For me, I will wait for that Rock movie to be pirated and watched it. I'm a fan of pirated disc, I admit.

Not this rock, this rock down here

That's more like it

Dec 14, 2005

.lomo bagus!

On my last entry, I showed my first ever lomo fisheye camera which I just bought recently. Flabbergasted and eager , I went straight to photo shop to buy a photo film and stick it inside the camera and just shoot what I felt nice. Took some pictures inside the house but I didn't use the flash, so the picture was so black the photo shop did not developed it.

Went also taking pictures around the Ipoh town. Main placeto shoot is Ipoh Old Town as this is the place to get some classic yet pretty pictures. Try to be shameless, I took pictures everywhere there and people looks at me strangely. Is lomo strange thing?Heck No! My mission is to capture building and parks.

Went also to Padang Polo. The scenery is nice but too many couples berasmaradana there so I stopped to
cuci mata for about 20 minutes. My big bird wakes up after hearing some numerous oohhss and ahhsss from the couples. Didn't get the opportunity to shoot pictures there because all the scenic place been taken by couples.

After my big bird sleeps again, I went to my school which is just next to Padang Polo to took some pictures as a kenang-kenangan. The school was empty so I felt free to roam the school without feeling afraid of the discipline teacher telling me that my belt is "forbidden" to wear. Damn I miss those days!

Until 36 pictures, I then went to the Photo Shop to develop the pictures. That counter girl was sooo hot I nearly drools :P~~~. Picked up the pictures at 6.00p.m, 5 hours after I sent it to develop. That shop developed only 28 pictures, which 8 of the undeveloped one were the pictures I took inside the house.

Overall I did not satisfy with the result and I really need to improve my distance to the object and will use flash inside the house when I went lomogaga again. Hope next time will met Ipoh Lomographer's and expand lomo across Ipoh. More pictures on my lomohomes.

Dec 10, 2005


Received a package from Poslaju yesterday evening. It's from shakirah mebarak kak sha

So this is her handwriting.

Her wrapping is rather thick and it took me nearly 5 minutes to figured out how to unwrap it. The solution is by wripping it off like a hungry barbarian. What's inside is a lomo camera called Fisheye. The lens is half-sphere so the picture would be like a fisheye's view.

It's an analog camera where it's controlled by hand, not in digital form. From putting the film in the camera till rolling it back when the film is finished, it's all using own hands. Really felt like being in the age where camera is newly invented.

That cat is waiting to "eat" the camera.

The camera uses an AA batteries only to power the flash. Convenient for small budgetted noob as you don't have to change new batteries every usage like a digital camera.

It also comes up with a lens cover stated "lomography" on it's surface, a book containing how fisheye was invented, how lomography was invented and the example of the pictures taken using Fisheye camera.

Really can't wait to be a professional in using this camera. So far I have took 9 pictures and will take more pictures after this.

Here are 1 example of the Fisheye's picture result. Nice right?It embosses the middle of the picture and around the picture it's like fading away. Really great for emphasizing something. This one she uses double layer so the picture looks nice++. Will try using double layer after buying Colorsplash Camera.

Stolen from kak sha's lomohomes.

Dec 9, 2005


This one was e-mailed to me for quite some time. But heck, I still found it humourous expecially that "secara langsung (live)" and "walimatul de' urusin" thingy.

That mempelai must be a very creative and dare-to-be-different kinda guy with his own originality in making this stewpid wedding invitation.

Dec 8, 2005

.feeling sleepy?>
(via desperateaddict)

This is such a fantastic game. You can determine whether you are a fast typer anot, except its better as you were to type alphabets. My fastest score is 4.560 seconds. Hurm...must've do better than this.

My first score is 9.804 seconds. After numerous tries, managed to beat Desperate Addict who got 4.577. I beat her by 0.017sec. Lovely that is...

Dec 7, 2005

.geek test

I am 34% Geek.
Geek? Yes, but at least I got social skills.
You probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. You never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But you have friends, and this is a good thing.

Thank God i'm 34% geek.Going to my maiden interview after this at The Store.
Hope this'll work.

Dec 6, 2005

.lomo ke neh part 2

Image hosted by

lomo ke luomo?

Dec 4, 2005

.lomo ke neh?

Took 1 picture from my T630 mobile camera. Didn't know is this lomo or not? The picture kinda blurred 'coz I'm taking this picture when I'm riding my bike. Anyone please comment k..


Just got back from ceramah kereta.Very boring yet tiring. The penceramah looks exactly like A.R Badul except he's shorter and fatter. I guess he was trying to be like Dr. Asmadi from MAP Training with acting like he's strict.

A.R Badul said "Don't forget to seduce the JPJ Tester. Got more point's you know?!"

Nope, he's wrong. So boring. He just talking non-stop and nobody cares about what he said.

Tomorrow will be the start of my driving practice. At 1pm, hot and humid, with that black smelly Indian in that small-old-waiting-to-blow kancil would really 'enjoying'. Will try to get comfortable with him, if not must find another Driving Instructor.


Last night did a marathon screening of my Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Extended Edition. 10 hours of continuous play really enjoying for me to regain my knowledge of LOTR. I just loved it. Still can't forget that Gollum's voice. Really cute. That Nazgul's screech really got on my nerves.


Dec 2, 2005


Dec 1, 2005

.to do list

To make sure I didn't bored myself during the holidays, I had come up with a few number of things to do.

+got myself caught by the police and makes sure I will be doing the ear squat in nude

+take the driving lesson before the end of this year. If not must wait till im 21 to get it.

+sell all my schoolbooks and revision books!figured I will get lots of monies by selling this

+eat all the food that is tak elok utk otak..can't wait to eat nasi
lemak,laksa,murtabak,koay teow goreng..wallaweh...slurrping!

+fix my motorcycle..the bike always semput in the morning

+read all my comic books

+read the Lord of The Rings trilogy

+watch every single anime and videos in my collection

+find a work to gain money to buy LOMO's camera

+dating going out...too busy to date la...

+play all my ps2 games...guess this thing would never ever get striked as I'm a gamer for all my life

+try out my soon-to-be fisheye lomo camera..thanx to kak sha

The activity that I had carried out will be striked by me. Hope all this will be achieved before the results came out