May 30, 2006

.dewa19 is not JEWS!!

These few days been occupied by me watching 10hours of movie called Band Of Brothers. It's about a battalion of WWII Allied US Forces comprising of Easy Company, Dog Company, Fox Company and I Company.

This story focused on Easy Company, America's most respected Paratroopers, the 101st Airborne Troops. They gone through tough training at Currahee and was first at war on D-Day at Normandy. Led by Major Winters,they all were scattered all over Normandy on their 1st jump but managed to meet up again at some CP. They were the 1st troop of soldiers who went to a hill in Austria, Hitler's palace and were the 1st who captured Eagle's Nest, a building right on the hilltop which supposed to be Hitler's Birthday Present. What an opportunity.

It was such a great film I will be watching this film again and again.

May 26, 2006

.this love that love??

Hav some issues going on in my life rite now.. Some r big issues n some not..Bukan pase nk pk sape yg nk di-afundi utk AF4 (Ya salim salim SALIMA...) ni or which team I rooted for this World Cup (I definitely choose Spain, my favourite negara).

Had a big fight with my mom yesterday, she "merampuih" xtentu pasal at my dad n aku yg kne tempias! She hempaskan my ORIGINAL DUAL ANALOG PS2 CONTROLLER to pieces. I was so mad I was thinking of doing the same to her henfon. It cost me RM120 for that controller and she broke it just like that. Hadn't talk to her since.

And then work are really stressing my body, mind n my soul. I'm totally exhausted everyday and doesn't have the energy to stays up even until 11p.m. I usually sleeps at around 2-3a.m everyday and still wakes up at 8a.m cherishly(pkataan bodo.

Skang ni duit langsung tarak. Maybe klu ada pon masa gaji 2nd week of june. I had to borrow money from dad, which is a shame for me who working asking money at pensioner. I had to limited my expenses(eat only twice a week during rehat time, no snooker, limited my dosage of internet, ride my bike slowly to save petrol usage, drinks only water brought from home and no porno .

Kne wat persiapan utk masok U.It's now 50% complete, just kne bli stationeries, wat payment mcm2, fotostat sijil2, go 4 medical cekap(takot fail ujian rabun warna neh..), bukak akaun Bank Islam. hopefully suma tu dpt setel ngn cpt tanpa menggunakan duit aku :D

Hidup ini sunyi.
Sunyi tanpa seseorang di sisi.
Sampai bila?
Sampai bila harus aku menunggu?
Atau selama-lamanya?
Pulanglah engkau..
Pulanglah Penangite..

Aku merinduimu...

haha mcm gampang!

May 18, 2006

.make some noize, stomp your feet

Are u "hidup untuk makan" or "makan untuk hidup"?

For me it's for sure "hidup untuk makan".

Life is REALLY short.

So live life to the fullest.

Peace folks.

May 17, 2006

.proses pengutukan terhebat

nitrogieniq: now she ask me to komen her pics
nitrogieniq: damn
hieroplant: ........
nitrogieniq: donno what to say la
nitrogieniq: gampang
hieroplant: tulis je tiu nia ah ma ka so hai
hieroplant: kaninachowcheeeeeeeeeeeebaaaaaaaiiiiiiii
hieroplant: goli tokak aku
hieroplant: ramai sangat yang bajet dalam maisepes tu
nitrogieniq: haha
nitrogieniq: tah la
hieroplant: goli tokak
hieroplant: aku tgk ade maisepes si zati em tu
nitrogieniq: ada ke
nitrogieniq: bak tgk
hieroplant: aku perasan dia tak bukak mulut taim amik gamba
hieroplant: tau apsal
nitrogieniq: yea i know
hieroplant: sadis
nitrogieniq: siblings to miza es
hieroplant: akakaka
hieroplant: aa
hieroplant: miza uitm kot
nitrogieniq: damn
hieroplant: si julie tu apsal amik gamba mesti main senget2 badan?
hieroplant: cuba teka
nitrogieniq: tulang penah patah
hieroplant: kepala dia teleng da
nitrogieniq: hehe
nitrogieniq: yea yea i just realize
hieroplant: patut la aku tgk jalan pun tak center
nitrogieniq: hehe
nitrogieniq: duit bnyk
nitrogieniq: g la wat medical surgery ke
hieroplant: oo
hieroplant: kaya ka
nitrogieniq: kaya la
hieroplant: ooo
hieroplant: spoil brat
nitrogieniq: maybe gravity dia xda kot
nitrogieniq: mcm lowed
nitrogieniq: cikgu kite
hieroplant: aa
hieroplant: mane gigi mung
nitrogieniq: hehe
nitrogieniq: yeah
nitrogieniq: evrithing also teleng
hieroplant: hoh
hieroplant: mung ade dengan bad
hieroplant: uitm
nitrogieniq: yeke
nitrogieniq: bitch
nitrogieniq: pande r si zati ni kaver diri dia
hieroplant: si pendek naim pun
hieroplant: aah
nitrogieniq: masters of disguise
hieroplant: biatcho
hieroplant: hoh
nitrogieniq: stupida
hieroplant: semua satu kos dgn ko
nitrogieniq: omg
hieroplant: hoh
hieroplant: ehsan
hieroplant: matrix uia
hieroplant: Matrikulasi Ekonomi & Sains Pengurusan
hieroplant: hokhokhokhok
hieroplant: semayang pun lebih kurang aku je


May 6, 2006

.prosperity is a nuisance

Arini aku dpt gaji. Sungguh menggembirakan ati :D. etelah 1 bulan setengah aku idup dlm kesusahan tanpa uang ringgit, aku memperoleh rm702. Tapi tu patut bnyk lg sbb tolak EPF rm9+ n bli baju The Store yg bodo tu rm20, tinggai la rm702. Kire ari ni aku la yg paling berbangga n paling bnyk duit dlm suma2 yg berpangkat N11 Warehouse Assistant. An (bukan nama sebenar) menyatakan yg aku telah mencatat rekod gaji terbnyk utk Ware. Asst. , mengalahkan dia ngn kelebihan 100 mata..

Kemarin lagi aku dh wat belanjawan dh.. takot aku overspend n ketandusan uang di akhir2 bulan. So here goes;
Colorsplash : RM 300
Makan n Main Game Arked : RM 40 ( actually duit ni utk main game arked je sbb aku bwk bekal g keje)
Save utk K750I : RM 200
Gi Penang Isnin ni : RM 100
Pizza Hut : RM40

So selebih-lebihnya aku either simpan or for further use. Yang Pizza Hut tu aku memang kne bli sbb aku mmg dh jnji kt parent aku yg aku akan blikan diorang a nice dinner as a token of appreciation. So they rasa sgt terharu and makan dgn penuh berhati2 tanak terbuang sikit pon.

Aku xkesah duit tu sbb diorang dh bnyk dh bg duit kt aku ms aku blaja dulu. Tah2 dh ada smpe rm1 juta kut diabeskan utk aku. N aku nk merakamkan ribuan terima kasih kt kak sha sbb nk tlg blikan aku colorsplash. Malang sekali aku xdpt g mesyuarat JKKK lomo ranjers kt KL arini. Aku kesal :(

Colorsplash Idamanku.. Slurpp :P~~~

May 2, 2006

.shitty shitty shitty pom pom pom, pom pom pom

It's very difficult to buy KLUE mag here, the only place is at MyNews Tesco Ipoh, the others shitty book store doesn't. Fuck the Mamaks and Uncles who didnt sell KLUE in Ipoh!