Jan 26, 2006


lately, I spent my whole nite watching tv before I fell asleep...no more comics reading sessions for me as I am too damn tired to just looking at those white paper printed with black typings and drawings. My whole limbs and muscles were deteriorated after long hours of labouring myself working ad infinitum for like 12 hours a day..

On my working contract it says that my work duration is from 26/12 to 31/1 but technically that was just a fluke. It actually ends on 28, which is 2 days from now.. I'm really happy this agony will ends sooner than I expected.. My payslip will be given on 5/2 and after that off I go to KL to buy Colorsplash and Supersampler..

I ♥ lomo

Jan 22, 2006

.crumbs I like

hidupku sangat2 membosankan..my days recently revolves aroud work and work...aku balik umah utk mkn mndi n tido je...blk keje stat slasa lepas suma lps kul 7.ari slasa 8pm,rabu 9.30,kamis 9.30, jumaat 1030 n sabtu 11.30...the store yg bodo telah mengoder bnyk2 stok as if x cukup..dh tu plak ramai dak2 warehouse ni yg cuti...so stok2 yg ringan jd heavy workload...gaji ckit lak tu dpt....sumtimes i really2 miz skul...rs rugi x live life to the fullest during my skuldays...

dh blk umah lak timbul lak mslh kt umah...mom n dad ari2 gado wat aku jd btmbh kusut...abh ari2 sj je cari bende nk gado ngn mom...so as a result idupku jd x terurus..mknn yg kejap ada kejap xda wat aku btmbh kurus...bucuk aku lak kt png...aduih...bile la dia nk dtg cni...ley berdeting...miz her beri2 much..

kehidupan sosial aku pon dh decrease dgn mendadak...mmbr2 aku suma duk jauh2..so chance nk jumpe derg dh mcm 100-1..impossible...si apal lak dh keje kt sengheng...dia keje kul 10am-10pm so mmg xdpt lgsg jumpe dia..klu x dpt la gak g lepak yikfong ke..men ps2 ke..men bola ke...hurm...

ms nek moto lak rs syok je tgk geng2 skoot g jenjln n lepak2...nape la aku xjadi cm derg..dpt g gig..lepak2 mkn2...joking2...kaco2 awek...usik2 pondan kt ocean tuh...sure best..

pas benti keje ni, pas msk u, aku nk live life to the fullest...xnk dh duk terperuk je kt umah tgk tv....xyah dh nk tgk bokap aku gado pase sape nk pgg remote tv...xyah dh nk sedey2 tgk geng2 kuar lepak...aku nk mengimprovekan diri aku...

that's my ikrar

.devillish act

Working in a warehouse bermakna suma mknn n minuman disimpan kt cni sblum dijual kt counter. It has only 1 entrance so it's easy to curi makan whereas we teamworked ourselves in covering the line. Kire 2 org kaver line 2 org lg minum @ mkn... Such a devillish act. Pepsi,Livita,Nata de Coco,Oreo n biskut suma dh merasa dh...

Jan 15, 2006

.pickled squeezed pork with extra bacon chop

Sengal yg teramat sgt kt sume writers of this month's issue of ROTTW. Too Phat on the cover of this mag who mostly of the readers are rock cravers? It's definitely a bad idea. Aku gerenti sume rockers yg bersemangat waja masa nk g bli new issue ni menyumpah seranah and maybe ada yg nk bako cover and the inside story of this stewpid hip-hop act.

Aku terpegun and speechless masa nk bli issue ni. ROTTW dh jadi mag hiphop ke? Ape la bodo sgt editor dia g buh too phat jadi cover. Inarguably, mmg la diorang ni dh bnyk menyumbang n menumbang kt underground scene M'sia. But as a cover of rock mag? How stupid was that? N then bile bace story diorang, they boasted and boasted themselves like diorang la yg terhebat of all Malaysian act.

There have been lots of other ROCK bands who can be the cover of this mag-pop shuvit as an example. Klu xda sgt idea pon wat MOHRAM jadi cover pon aku dh berpuas ati dh. Mohram ni lagi la best and contributed so much for Malaysia especially in Japan smpe org2 Japan nk knai budaya kite. But too phat? hip hop? ya a au? They sucks, big time.

I mean what will happen bile katekan ada editor mag rock luar negara nk review pase khebatan this great rock mag and coincidently dia bace this month's issue? Surely bad review will be given. Kt USA mag rock diorang ade ke wat hiphop act as their cover? Truk2 pon Beastie Boys (this one kire ok la sbb dia combination of hiphop+trance+fast paced pop rock).

Hope next time this type of stupidity will not happen again laa.... Memalukan je. Xda idea pon buh la yg lain selain hiphop...It's like eating pickled squeezed pork with extra bacon chop bile tgk cover ROTTW bln ni.

Jan 7, 2006


Sorry, photos for this entry is not available. Let it only in my memories alone and hoping it will never ever happened again to me.

My foot got stuck inside the pallet jack yesterday. It all happens when I was controlling the pallet jack and we all rest for a while after enormous strength to pull and push that fucking 40 cartons of beer which will be sell throughout this month. We stopped at a small hill and the jack simply moved and ate my foot. The pain was totally undescribable and I panicked so I only managed to use a small particle of my voice to shout(read:scream but no voice came out.

All I think that time was my fifth toenail's bone mus've been crushed by that pallet jack. Syukurly, I survived and all I got was a big swells on that particular toe-it looks like my fifth toe identical to my thumb.

Right now it still swells a little bit and I really2 hope this will not happened again.

Jan 3, 2006

.whats wrong with me?

Whenever I see Dhea Ananda, I got myself a running nose. I don't know why I had this kind of problems. Do you?

The fact is, she's so damn gorgeous and pretty. Liked her style very much...

I think most of you doesn't recognise her because she's a low-profile kinda Indonesian actress. She was the one who acted in that Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia serial on tv1 every Monday at 11p.m. I tried to googled her but to no avail. All I got was her in 10-12 years old's pictures and that was not enough for me to introduce her to you...


New Lomo Pics which I took on my trip to Pulau Pangkor has been uploaded to my Lomohomes. Do check it out ya...

Myself. Do check that outer ring surrounding me. Looks like the One Ring's wordings right?

My brother's pic+ Donation Box at a Chinese Temple in Pangkor. Looks like he's looking into a telescope.

Jan 2, 2006

.a brand new year

I never really liked celebrating new year...
It's the passing of your age and you celebrated it. Best ke? Macam xbest je... Makin bnyk kali kite celebrate new year means makin sikit la masa kite nk idop. I once had a friend whom his period of life for new years only lasted for 1 hours as he died at about 1 a.m on 1st January due to an accident...hurm...think about it


My New Year Resolution?
Stays Alive and Well for The Whole Year