Jun 23, 2006

.shorthanded eyeball frizzed

Tadi aku tepon UiTM Penang to comfirm about my rabun warna utk tanye whether can or not aku masuk Elektrical Engineering. But the result was negative which means aku memang xley diterima masuk langsung utk course tuh.

It's a matter of dangerousity and they doctor says it's genetic.My mom is also colorblind and suprisingly all my brothers also colorblind and my sisters didn't. DAMN SHITFCUK

They said that it is "Dangerous" utk aku join sbb I cannot differenciate colours for wires. Mcm la selama aku kt teknik aku xpnh bdepan ngn tu suma..ok je... Kerja kursus pon xda problem siap dpt A lg.. Poyo r UiTM neh..

They will not be giving me the course but instead diorang offer aku utk pilih whether to choose Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering masa ari dafta nnti. So I dont have to waste 1 sem learning tanpa dikira dlm course tu(kire mcm org lain blaja 6sem aku jd 7sem).

I think I probably gonna choose Civil Engineering because of senang nk dpt keje nnti. So I'm gonna unite with Penangite and we will study the same course. Hopefully we end up in the same university and same place.


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sha said...

kene test ujuan kaler jugak yeh nak masok engine?
isk isk..
pelik btol~

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »