Sep 7, 2007


Selamat Siang semua.

Currently my favourite celebrity is Cheryl Samad. Probably you will find it queer but I have my own reason. You see now and then, Malaysian emcees and hosts tends to change their speaking language when they interviewed Indonesian artists. From fluent Bahasa Malaysia they change to unconvenience Bahasa Indonesia's slang. It is such a shame, it's like Bahasa Malaysia is not good enough to be spoken.

They say that Indons does not understand Bahasa Malaysia, yes, but do we understand theirs? Should we understand theirs? Shit no! This is our country not theirs so why change the language when they come to Malaysia? I do notice that in Indonesia, they interviewed our celebrities using their own language.

Bahasa Indonesia is not English you guys, you don't have to learn them. We should be like the Japanese who ignored all other language except their own roots, their own language, Japanese.

Their song is not really that good. We have so much better songs in Malaysia. For instance right now we have Hujan that is raining the Malaysia Music scene. Their songs are much better than the Indons.

So my advice, stop nurturing the Indons music and language in your heart, be more Malaysian. Happy 50th Merdeka everyone. I love my country.

This is my new photoshop edited picture. Done in exhilirating 3 hours. Finally the picture that i think is good.

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cuya said...

i sokong....i sokong....y not we appriciate our own languange rite...hailaa...dorang ni tak paham aku....nk interview org indon kene tukar trus slang tu..pelik je...pengaruh Astro Aruna smer tu