Nov 25, 2005

long time no blog

It's been such a long time since I posted new post. Having quite a busy time these days and to tell you, it's killing me slowly. SPM's sucks, the question is tougher than what I had imagined especially for the B.M paper and Physics. I used to hear all those sayings that SPM is easier than the Percubaan Paper and I must say it's definitely the opposite of it. It's sucks though, studying and SMSing at the same time. Really can't concentrate in studying as the SMS came after a few seconds I reply the previous SMS. Damn it!

So as a result, my brain cannot receive the knowledge fully and of course the output of it during the exam is disastrous. Brain damage I might say.

Now is the relaxing time for me before next week whereas all the day for next week is full of exams. L.K, Chemistry, PKEE, Agama and EST all at the same week. Brain damage kuasa dua.
But heck, it's a jolly good day after that. No more studying (for now), no more staying up late for study, no more waking up early and of course totally freed from the cage.

Been into i-bands and star wars right now. They just get me crazy for it. Star Wars have been on this world for quite some time and only now I started to love it. Don't know why I liked it. Maybe because of that lovely Padme or those primate-with-lots-of-pubic-hair-covering-their-body thingy. Will start collecting Star Wars merchandise now.

Just before Hari Raya I've bought a used Sony Ericsson T630 from an auctioner in Bought it for RM320 which is very-very cheap for this phone. The phone is awesome and the one I like the most is the camera. The picture from the camera is clearly no match for other phone in it's years.

Yup, this black sleeky phone is mine