Nov 26, 2005

.Rock The World VI

It really rocks if I goes to the
Rock The World (RTW) concert this year. After 5 series of it, I finally been given the green light to go experienced the Malaysian rock industry's concert. Well, technically, I was given the free-to-go thing because I have finished my SPM. Caged for 5 years is totally sucks!

A night in Stadium Merdeka on 17th December would be a night to remember. Been saving enough money to go there from the start of this year. Guess gonna go with all my friends. The big problem is that they were all some sort of hangat-hangat tahi ayam one. Today they will say they wanna go but tomorrow different.

I really hope can go to RTW and be the early 5000 (is it?) entries because can get free RTW VI T-Shirt.

Will took pictures when I got there and will posted it into this blog.