Apr 4, 2006

.choy san tou

Guess what? At the back of The Store there is a Hong Kong film shoot directed by Patrick Tam, an old skool actor-turned-director directing his first ever film. This film stars Aaron Kwok and Charlie Young. I get to watch the film shoot on Sunday Night, escaping from work. It's being filmed at a small colonial house, a great place and lomographic scenic.

It's my first time seeing a film shoot and yet I got to see Hong Kong stars. I even get to see face-to-face with Aaron Kwok and he smiled at me! I was 1 metre from him, close enough. But sorry folks, no picture been taken because henfon must off before going there. Yeah he smokes, a lot!

Fact: Aaron Kwok is a midget!He stands around 150 cm tall!

I googled for this film and this should be the synopsys.

"Good looks. Charming. Ladies man. Male buddies looked up to him. Not anymore. He is a shadow of the man he once was. A man past his prime. He has gambled it all away. He is down and out. And he is a father to a son who is smart and loves his father dearly – though he may not always understand why his father hurts his mother so. So when the mother plots to leave the father, the son informs the father and mother is violently beaten and locked up. But mother schemes to leave anyway after that, the son is left alone with the father. Soon the gambling habits of the father makes a thief out of the son. The son resists but is no match to the father's cajoling and blackmail. The son was finally caught and sent to a juvenile detention center. Father visits him and son bites off his ear. The lost of innocence is complete. Ten years later, son returns to his home town and sees somebody who looks like father – they do not meet. Father and son walks away in different directions."

I think my face should be in the Making Of this movie because they filmed me. I even pick the branch that they use in this film and kept it in my journal. So don't be shocked to see me in the Making Of this movie ya

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