Apr 11, 2006

.Mutusamy Karupiah?Whatta divine name

I just got back from a trip to Sungai Petani. It was fantastic. Aku, abah, mama n acik pegi lebey kurang kul 10.30 a.m. It was a sudden move sbb aku tetibe je terpikir nk g tgk umah baru O. Dia baru je pindah umah so kitorang just want to see how it looks like.

O pn dgr je cite kitorang nk g sn dia immediately mintak half day kt bos dia, maybe dia bosan sgt keje n wanted to spend some time with us. I drove throughout the journey. It was my first driving 100km plus plus away from home. Dad gimme thumbs up for the fine driving.

Sampe2 je tros O bwk g mkn kt Ikan Bakar Pak Din at Kepala Batas. Bole la tahan.. tp mamat yg jaga tempat potong foods tu kerek gile..muke blagak nak mampos..mcm dia sorg je reti potong foods.. Abah n O had Ikan Keli Panggang, I had a huge Ayam Panggang but it sucks, Mom had Ikan Kembung Bakar, totally out of the menu for me, u can bakar it at home urself, and acik had Gigantic 3 Udang Harimau Panggang.

After filling out our stomachs, we head to Padang Besar. O drive like an F1 driver, to make it there because the place closed at 6.00pm. I thought the place macam pasar malam, gerai2 kt tepi jln n makcik2 yg juai, but it's more like a market place and the sellers were Siamese. I bought an OBEY t-shirt for rm12 and for Penangite a cute t-shirt for rm8.

Then we went to a lake called Terinai which I took some Lomo piccie. Then we head home and ate Char Koay Teow, then sleep like a pig exhausted.

2 things I notice about Kedah is that the people is kinda felt ashamed to use their own K plate number, they all prefer P, originated from Penang. Tapi semangat Kedah berkobar2 xingt. Baju suma Kedah Maju la, Kedah Bagus la..pigi dah. And 1 more I found out that Awek Scoot if we take "ek" away it's called Aw Scoot, pondan using scoot. O told me that.

We had such a nice vacation there even though its a short trip. Will go there again, probably as a disguise to meet Penangite. haha

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sha said...

sonok lomo kat kedah yeh?
cepat sket upload yeh!