Feb 17, 2006

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Hello and good evening everyone.

Today have been a very sad day for the JPJ officers where one of their colleagues have been beaten to death by a skinny youth. He was found in a sprawl of blood inside a Kancil car by a passers-by. According to the witnesses, they had seen the officer argued with the skinny boy at a remote road next to the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. It happened around 10a.m that very morning.

Main reason for the killing is, as told by one witness who wanted to remain anonymous, the officer failed the skinny youth in driving test which the skinny youth forgotten to buckle up the seatbelt before the Competent Driving License (CDL) test starts. The skinny youth was seen apologizing the officer and begged to be re-tested.

The JPJ officer, which is really a big, fat, obnoxious made some bad remarks to the skinny youth. He scolded the youth pretty hard even though the youth apologized. The youth then cannot counter his anger so he grabs a big stick and beat the officer to death.

The suspect, named only as Azmi, or known in the internet as siggplus, made away with some minor bruises when he was trying to strangle the officer. He was later caught by the Police Investigators at his house while he was getting ready to fled to another place.

Siggplus was brought to the crime scene to re-enact the real sequence to the Police. He was later been sent to the police station to make a police report. The rest was history.

Kalau la benda ni jd bebetoi, sure syok giler!
bodo nye tester, xda budi bicara langsung!
terbang lg duit aku rm100..



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