Feb 22, 2006

.hek hek

At wee hours last nite...

ME: Aiseh..org ada hiccup laa...
SHE: Hiccup tu ape?
ME: Cmne ek nk xplain...dh lupa la pe dlm bm....alaa yg bunyi *hek hek* tu...
SHE: *Hek hek*?ape tu?
ME: G la check kamus...
SHE: Owh..ape laa..
SEDU la....ape *hek hek*..mcm tsekat napeh je...hehe
ME: Ngeee :D
SHE: G la minum air...
(after a minute)
SHE: Dh ilang ke
*hek hek* tu??hehe
ME: Kurang asam!

My BM sucks


Real Madrid lost last nite..
That was NOT supposed to be, it's not meant to be like that, Real Madrid should've won!
I am heartbroken

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