Mar 7, 2006

.at first i was afraid, i was petrified!

Been quite a few days(8 days actually) I havent got the idea to blog. Now since that I does, I can blog lah. And definitely the last entry was sooo lame, I copied it from an e-mail which my greek-speaking sista forwarded it to me.

The day after yesterday, I nearly contracted avian influenza. I woke up that day and I felt cold, I got a runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivity and I ate CHICKEN last nite at McD. Petrified, I go through The Star newspaper looking for the symptoms of this so-called deadly virus and the result that I had was I have 5 symptoms of 6. The other one was muscle ache( as in unable to do things even lifting own hands.).Sungguh-sungguh menakutkan.

I'm afraid to tell my parent because I boasted the other nite when eating Ayam Spicy McD.

Mom: Ei kamu x takot ke mkn ayam neh??
Me : Nak takot pe ayam dh msk dh...lgpon bdn org sihat lg, gagah perkasa lg.
Mom: It's up to u la k..I'm not responsible.
Me : ..........(afraid actually)

So I brave up, acting like I wasn't sick. And the next day I woke up and realized that I am not sick anymore. I check through the window to see wether no bird, chicken or puyuh died. And I even learned to drive my greek-speaking sista's automatic vios. Very easy, easier than I thought and she approved. She even offered me to lemme use her car to pick my SPM result next Monday. I drools profusely :D