Mar 21, 2006

.hullo there

I landed myself a job, yeah the same one I had previously. I called The Store this morning to ask for availability and they said yes, a Warehouse Assistant job. Whoa I'm sure is lucky. They must've been desperate for workers as I didn't have to go for interview. Tomorrow I'm supposed to report for duty at 930a.m.. Haha so my money shortage will never happened again. Goodbye poverty hi hi money..

Penangite also got a job today (isn't that a coincidence?) at Plaza Bukit Jambul as a cashier for Marrybrown. Good for her as she always complained to me that she's bored and loney at home when I'm working.

We both had our job and decided to contribute 20% of the salary to our Wedding Bank.Haha that sure is stupid.

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sha said...

kecik2 da pandai pk psl kawen yeh..
isk isk..