Mar 17, 2006

.fully recovered

Meet my new time-filling toy~>SYMA RC Helicopter.

Some says it's a waste of money, I thought who says that are wasted-freak.

That picture is not the real picture, I didn't have the device to upload the picture so I stole this picture from another website. It's quite a big silver coloured helicopter, measures from nose to tail about 30cm and have the wingspan about 20cm. Bought it from barfar at for rm118, which is still very cheap compared to the price ToyCity who sells it at rm199.

It hovers and flies quite good, considered superb for electric powered helicopter. It's 99% ready to fly as I just need to buy 8 AA batteries for the controller and it functions normally.

I guess this is the way to fill my boring days at home. Charged for 35minutes and flies non-stop for about 15minutes. Didn't have the opportunity to fly it higher because of the limited space in my house but will try it on open air with Apal, my wacko friend. Just hope that he won't try to eat the white gear under the motor that looks like the Keropok Roda sold by the Samy The Indian Guy

The booklet that comes with it told me that if it spins in the air without ur own will, u can adjust it using screwdriver to the potentiometer to stabilize it. I tried, and I broke the potentiometer. Just ONCE playing with it and I broke it. That's why mom always said that I had butterfinger problem.

If my butterfinger problem was a snack, I would be rich, unfazebly rich.

So as a result it worsen to spuns more uncontrollably in the air. As an electric student, fixing it shouldn't be a problem or if not I should be considered dumbass. I opened the circuit and found out that it had broken to pieces because of hard pressure on turning the potentiometer. Went to State Electronics and bought a new one, soldered it again and voila! It fixed. A new asset for me though having this helicopter.

What disaster will strike next?Only GOD knows. And yeah I know my post IS totally boring. I admit that.

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sha said...

nak join main elikopter jugak!
no time for dat la dak kecik..
i'm so demn bizi rite now!

sha said...
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