May 26, 2006

.this love that love??

Hav some issues going on in my life rite now.. Some r big issues n some not..Bukan pase nk pk sape yg nk di-afundi utk AF4 (Ya salim salim SALIMA...) ni or which team I rooted for this World Cup (I definitely choose Spain, my favourite negara).

Had a big fight with my mom yesterday, she "merampuih" xtentu pasal at my dad n aku yg kne tempias! She hempaskan my ORIGINAL DUAL ANALOG PS2 CONTROLLER to pieces. I was so mad I was thinking of doing the same to her henfon. It cost me RM120 for that controller and she broke it just like that. Hadn't talk to her since.

And then work are really stressing my body, mind n my soul. I'm totally exhausted everyday and doesn't have the energy to stays up even until 11p.m. I usually sleeps at around 2-3a.m everyday and still wakes up at 8a.m cherishly(pkataan bodo.

Skang ni duit langsung tarak. Maybe klu ada pon masa gaji 2nd week of june. I had to borrow money from dad, which is a shame for me who working asking money at pensioner. I had to limited my expenses(eat only twice a week during rehat time, no snooker, limited my dosage of internet, ride my bike slowly to save petrol usage, drinks only water brought from home and no porno .

Kne wat persiapan utk masok U.It's now 50% complete, just kne bli stationeries, wat payment mcm2, fotostat sijil2, go 4 medical cekap(takot fail ujian rabun warna neh..), bukak akaun Bank Islam. hopefully suma tu dpt setel ngn cpt tanpa menggunakan duit aku :D

Hidup ini sunyi.
Sunyi tanpa seseorang di sisi.
Sampai bila?
Sampai bila harus aku menunggu?
Atau selama-lamanya?
Pulanglah engkau..
Pulanglah Penangite..

Aku merinduimu...

haha mcm gampang!

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sha said...

itu puisi ke ape tuh?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

Anonymous said...

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