May 30, 2006

.dewa19 is not JEWS!!

These few days been occupied by me watching 10hours of movie called Band Of Brothers. It's about a battalion of WWII Allied US Forces comprising of Easy Company, Dog Company, Fox Company and I Company.

This story focused on Easy Company, America's most respected Paratroopers, the 101st Airborne Troops. They gone through tough training at Currahee and was first at war on D-Day at Normandy. Led by Major Winters,they all were scattered all over Normandy on their 1st jump but managed to meet up again at some CP. They were the 1st troop of soldiers who went to a hill in Austria, Hitler's palace and were the 1st who captured Eagle's Nest, a building right on the hilltop which supposed to be Hitler's Birthday Present. What an opportunity.

It was such a great film I will be watching this film again and again.

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