Sep 19, 2005

.it ends!

Tomorrow will be my final paper as I have been through two weeks of suffering. About 21 papers for 11 subjects I have gone through. Very memenatkan and have to squeeze my brain to figure out the best tembak answer for certain "easy" questions. The hardest paper is probably for chemistry papers especially the paper two. So damn fcuking hard. All I did was sleeping during the exam because I don't know the fcuking answers. My friends also joined me in dreamland during the exam.

Next up tomorrow: ADD MATHS paper 1 and 2. I have always been bad at numbers and figures. For the duration of me studying add maths I have only passed once during form 4 and that also for bab fungsi kuadratik. Now I have confirm that I don't want to study tonight because it doesn't effect my result even a little bit. Past exams I do study but during the exam what I can think of is porn ..err...ps2.

Hopefully the exam will be postponed or cancelled tomorrow. That way I'm gonna be the happiest boy in the world.

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