Sep 11, 2005

.I've won!

This is what's left in my wallet for this week. That exactly 80cents if u count. So very amat sangat terlalu poor for me. Heck, I really spent a lot especially on comics. I'd rather live a malnutirion live than not reading comics as that is my source of entertainment. Didn't have the time to watch teevee 'coz im busy sms-ing studying.

I have just bought my Kreko this morning. Shocked and flabbergasted, I have won the Astro Boy contest which I entered last month. Yep, that's my name down there.

Of over 200+ contestant, I am one of the 30 winners which will get a small action figure from the manga Astro Boy. The contest is very simple. You just have to find 9 differences in two pictures and circle it. So after that I bought my lovely Kreko and went back home. A few hours later, postman came and gave me this.

That's my name over there

The prize that I get :- an Astro Boy Jumping Toy.

I am very proud of my achievement. Even though the prize was quite cheap but heck, it's free! My happiness can be seen today as I kept smiling and smiling even when I were kena marah for not cleaning up my dish after lunch. This happiness covers my sadness of having only 80 cents in my pocket

This is such a happy world. I'm lovin' it!

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totoro said...

Cool! Astro Boy! All the best in your SPM!

She's Jess said...

Cool... congrats!

wong said...

Wow~! Nice :D Congrats...