Sep 20, 2005

.total humiliation

This is the THIRD time in a row that Real Madrid lost. It's very disappointing to watch your favourite team flush their way down the drain. Some sort of bad chi is strucking the team. Galacticos? To me it's gonna be las bacterias pequeñas meaning "the small bacteria".

With all sorts of problems in the pitch and in the boardroom, the players should be playing more and more bersemangat to make all the fans pleased. Instead, they lost. How can they can be defeated by a team that can be considered murahan such as Espanyol and Celta Vigo? Celta Vigo have just been promoted to Primera Liga this season. And against Cadiz, they conceded one goal to the underdogs. Did they lose their focus after Figo left? He hasn't play for such a long time for last season to be blamed. Or after Owen were sold to Newcastle?

3-0 to Lyon? Ronaldo and Raul has for sure had lost their touch as a powerful striker. Wanderlei Luxembourgo has done such a stupid act by selling Figo, Owen, Morientes and Solari. They're all the strike force for Real Madrid. Instead he bought those young Brazillian just to get red carded at stoppage time.

This man had done some major mistake to the team.

He should have done what the likes of Jorge Valdano and Fabio Capello did to this team a few years ago. They were the one who makes this team a Galacticos. So Wanderlei, wise up and sharpen up the team the way they were supposed to be. Makes us proud as a Galacticos. Next week is your time to show your capabilities or the boardroom will get your head.