Sep 18, 2005


Why did I blog? Obviously for FUN and my anxiety of the blogging itself. I admit that I really cannot blog because my English is very bad. I'm one of the Malays that knows "knows" how to write but can't speak it. I have absolutely no confidence in speaking English. Sometimes when I try to speak English, what people hear was mumble as if I'm talking to myself. And I'm sure you all will felt the same to.

Born as an English Teacher's son doesn't mean anything to me. I wasn't taught to have my self confidence and I learnt it myself. I'ts kinda bad though because you have to do all by yourself without guidance. So as a result the self confidence in me is really down and that makes me sad because all my siblings have very high self esteem. I really envy them and I wanted to be just like them.

So I try to improve my self confidence by blogging. I really hope this will be effective in improving my English and my self confidence. Well after this I'm gonna go to The Lost World to have some H2O with my girl.