Jan 15, 2006

.pickled squeezed pork with extra bacon chop

Sengal yg teramat sgt kt sume writers of this month's issue of ROTTW. Too Phat on the cover of this mag who mostly of the readers are rock cravers? It's definitely a bad idea. Aku gerenti sume rockers yg bersemangat waja masa nk g bli new issue ni menyumpah seranah and maybe ada yg nk bako cover and the inside story of this stewpid hip-hop act.

Aku terpegun and speechless masa nk bli issue ni. ROTTW dh jadi mag hiphop ke? Ape la bodo sgt editor dia g buh too phat jadi cover. Inarguably, mmg la diorang ni dh bnyk menyumbang n menumbang kt underground scene M'sia. But as a cover of rock mag? How stupid was that? N then bile bace story diorang, they boasted and boasted themselves like diorang la yg terhebat of all Malaysian act.

There have been lots of other ROCK bands who can be the cover of this mag-pop shuvit as an example. Klu xda sgt idea pon wat MOHRAM jadi cover pon aku dh berpuas ati dh. Mohram ni lagi la best and contributed so much for Malaysia especially in Japan smpe org2 Japan nk knai budaya kite. But too phat? hip hop? ya a au? They sucks, big time.

I mean what will happen bile katekan ada editor mag rock luar negara nk review pase khebatan this great rock mag and coincidently dia bace this month's issue? Surely bad review will be given. Kt USA mag rock diorang ade ke wat hiphop act as their cover? Truk2 pon Beastie Boys (this one kire ok la sbb dia combination of hiphop+trance+fast paced pop rock).

Hope next time this type of stupidity will not happen again laa.... Memalukan je. Xda idea pon buh la yg lain selain hiphop...It's like eating pickled squeezed pork with extra bacon chop bile tgk cover ROTTW bln ni.

2 journeyed together:

sha said...

da lame tak bli rottw..
mmg tu pet sak la!
sak sgt2!

Anonymous said...

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