Jan 7, 2006


Sorry, photos for this entry is not available. Let it only in my memories alone and hoping it will never ever happened again to me.

My foot got stuck inside the pallet jack yesterday. It all happens when I was controlling the pallet jack and we all rest for a while after enormous strength to pull and push that fucking 40 cartons of beer which will be sell throughout this month. We stopped at a small hill and the jack simply moved and ate my foot. The pain was totally undescribable and I panicked so I only managed to use a small particle of my voice to shout(read:scream but no voice came out.

All I think that time was my fifth toenail's bone mus've been crushed by that pallet jack. Syukurly, I survived and all I got was a big swells on that particular toe-it looks like my fifth toe identical to my thumb.

Right now it still swells a little bit and I really2 hope this will not happened again.

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