Jan 26, 2006


lately, I spent my whole nite watching tv before I fell asleep...no more comics reading sessions for me as I am too damn tired to just looking at those white paper printed with black typings and drawings. My whole limbs and muscles were deteriorated after long hours of labouring myself working ad infinitum for like 12 hours a day..

On my working contract it says that my work duration is from 26/12 to 31/1 but technically that was just a fluke. It actually ends on 28, which is 2 days from now.. I'm really happy this agony will ends sooner than I expected.. My payslip will be given on 5/2 and after that off I go to KL to buy Colorsplash and Supersampler..

I ♥ lomo

3 journeyed together:

sha said...

nak bli dua2 skaligus?
isk isk..

Wingz said...

Wish you Horse come job done!
Year Year Got Fish!
Gold Jade Full Hall!
Smile mouth always open
Step Step tall up!
Out In Safety!
Money Roll Roll Come!!!
Gong Xi Fah Chai !!

Anonymous said...

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