Dec 4, 2005


Just got back from ceramah kereta.Very boring yet tiring. The penceramah looks exactly like A.R Badul except he's shorter and fatter. I guess he was trying to be like Dr. Asmadi from MAP Training with acting like he's strict.

A.R Badul said "Don't forget to seduce the JPJ Tester. Got more point's you know?!"

Nope, he's wrong. So boring. He just talking non-stop and nobody cares about what he said.

Tomorrow will be the start of my driving practice. At 1pm, hot and humid, with that black smelly Indian in that small-old-waiting-to-blow kancil would really 'enjoying'. Will try to get comfortable with him, if not must find another Driving Instructor.


Last night did a marathon screening of my Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Extended Edition. 10 hours of continuous play really enjoying for me to regain my knowledge of LOTR. I just loved it. Still can't forget that Gollum's voice. Really cute. That Nazgul's screech really got on my nerves.


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