Dec 14, 2005

.lomo bagus!

On my last entry, I showed my first ever lomo fisheye camera which I just bought recently. Flabbergasted and eager , I went straight to photo shop to buy a photo film and stick it inside the camera and just shoot what I felt nice. Took some pictures inside the house but I didn't use the flash, so the picture was so black the photo shop did not developed it.

Went also taking pictures around the Ipoh town. Main placeto shoot is Ipoh Old Town as this is the place to get some classic yet pretty pictures. Try to be shameless, I took pictures everywhere there and people looks at me strangely. Is lomo strange thing?Heck No! My mission is to capture building and parks.

Went also to Padang Polo. The scenery is nice but too many couples berasmaradana there so I stopped to
cuci mata for about 20 minutes. My big bird wakes up after hearing some numerous oohhss and ahhsss from the couples. Didn't get the opportunity to shoot pictures there because all the scenic place been taken by couples.

After my big bird sleeps again, I went to my school which is just next to Padang Polo to took some pictures as a kenang-kenangan. The school was empty so I felt free to roam the school without feeling afraid of the discipline teacher telling me that my belt is "forbidden" to wear. Damn I miss those days!

Until 36 pictures, I then went to the Photo Shop to develop the pictures. That counter girl was sooo hot I nearly drools :P~~~. Picked up the pictures at 6.00p.m, 5 hours after I sent it to develop. That shop developed only 28 pictures, which 8 of the undeveloped one were the pictures I took inside the house.

Overall I did not satisfy with the result and I really need to improve my distance to the object and will use flash inside the house when I went lomogaga again. Hope next time will met Ipoh Lomographer's and expand lomo across Ipoh. More pictures on my lomohomes.