Dec 1, 2005

.to do list

To make sure I didn't bored myself during the holidays, I had come up with a few number of things to do.

+got myself caught by the police and makes sure I will be doing the ear squat in nude

+take the driving lesson before the end of this year. If not must wait till im 21 to get it.

+sell all my schoolbooks and revision books!figured I will get lots of monies by selling this

+eat all the food that is tak elok utk otak..can't wait to eat nasi
lemak,laksa,murtabak,koay teow goreng..wallaweh...slurrping!

+fix my motorcycle..the bike always semput in the morning

+read all my comic books

+read the Lord of The Rings trilogy

+watch every single anime and videos in my collection

+find a work to gain money to buy LOMO's camera

+dating going out...too busy to date la...

+play all my ps2 games...guess this thing would never ever get striked as I'm a gamer for all my life

+try out my soon-to-be fisheye lomo camera..thanx to kak sha

The activity that I had carried out will be striked by me. Hope all this will be achieved before the results came out

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sha said...

tak saba mau berlomo same anda!