Dec 20, 2005

.life sucks!

Nothing interesting happens after my last post. Eating, sleeping, fucked up by my friends meeting and have fun with my friends, playing ps2 games, internet, watch tv, quarreling with my gurl, is a regular basis for me these days. Nothing else to do. I am DEAD bored.

Mom and dad as usual doesn't get along very well. Arguing for who gets to watch his/her favourite tv show. The result-I didn't get to watch MY OWN favourite tv show. That stupid finely filmned Malaysian soap drama and Phillipines' soap named Wala Nang "Belangkas" really makes me wanna puke. It's all such a bloody fcuking crap but still they liked it. *Sigh*

I'm craving for Laksa these days. Every day I dreamt about eating that Laksa Kedah at Padang Polo. With that alluring smells of laksa with prawn paste added in, no other dish really salivates me. Right now I'm drooling like hell thinking of it. Must get that "preciousssss..." these evening no matter what even though I reckon this evening gonna be raining like hell.

Watched Catatan Akhir Sekolah last Friday. Bought it at Yik Fong that day. I heard of it in about a million times that this movie is very good but this is the first time I found that movie. My rating? 8/10 I would give. Credits for the good cinematography and the director really knew how to blend colors into this movie. Seems like watching Salon, but it's a thousand times more entertaining. Malaysian who watched it must watch it thrice to really understand this film. The Bahasa Gaul they use it very fast and queer. Some words I have never ever heard of. But still, it is a very good film.

A story about 3 best friends, Alde, Agni and Arian who wanted to make a short documentary film about their school. They thought that creating a school book is a lame and dorky these days.
So go find out these movie, it's hilarious and entertaining.

For me, I will wait for that Rock movie to be pirated and watched it. I'm a fan of pirated disc, I admit.

Not this rock, this rock down here

That's more like it

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sha said...

cite filipino tuh sgt bes la..
isk isk..

ya ya..
misti la kene tgk rock!
apsal tak tgk kat wyg jek?

Anonymous said...

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