Dec 10, 2005


Received a package from Poslaju yesterday evening. It's from shakirah mebarak kak sha

So this is her handwriting.

Her wrapping is rather thick and it took me nearly 5 minutes to figured out how to unwrap it. The solution is by wripping it off like a hungry barbarian. What's inside is a lomo camera called Fisheye. The lens is half-sphere so the picture would be like a fisheye's view.

It's an analog camera where it's controlled by hand, not in digital form. From putting the film in the camera till rolling it back when the film is finished, it's all using own hands. Really felt like being in the age where camera is newly invented.

That cat is waiting to "eat" the camera.

The camera uses an AA batteries only to power the flash. Convenient for small budgetted noob as you don't have to change new batteries every usage like a digital camera.

It also comes up with a lens cover stated "lomography" on it's surface, a book containing how fisheye was invented, how lomography was invented and the example of the pictures taken using Fisheye camera.

Really can't wait to be a professional in using this camera. So far I have took 9 pictures and will take more pictures after this.

Here are 1 example of the Fisheye's picture result. Nice right?It embosses the middle of the picture and around the picture it's like fading away. Really great for emphasizing something. This one she uses double layer so the picture looks nice++. Will try using double layer after buying Colorsplash Camera.

Stolen from kak sha's lomohomes.