Oct 14, 2008


Selamat Siang semua.

Things that occurs to me in my almost 20 years of life had shape me up to who I am right now. I don't need anybody to guide me anymore, I think so. I really think that I had enough experience to face the world.

In these 20 years, I've been laughed at, been poked fun of, but none of that scares me. I am strong, stronger than you would ever imagined. But sometimes I had my limitations.

Sometimes people just can't accept who I am and for what it may, I just seems to ignored all those things. I don't want to make a big deal out of it because I know that it would never affects me.

For who that knows me inside and out, they know that I am a really patient person. I kept all my thoughts to myself and when the day comes, I burst out into flames. I don't want to, but I had to.

I like privacy. I also respects other people's privacy. I am not a good talker so most of the day I stay out of people and just live my life in my room. Even my friends always says that my room is tempat jin bertendang, but I liked it. I usually don't care if someone comes into my room and talk to me or plays my games or use the internet but it all have a limit. But when a fucker comes barging into my room and started to violating my privacy, that really pissed me off.

That fucker that I barely knows, comes into my room and digs deep into it like he knows me for a long time. He almost found out my blog and other private stuffs in my room.

Hello fucker, how does my penumbuk tasted like? It is sweet? Or sour? Or bitter? If you want to taste that again, please come pay me a visit. I will wait for you.

I hate that fucker, I really do.

Aku mahu kau mintak maaf.

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K.Jah said...

hate backstabber too!!!