Sep 27, 2010


Selamat siang semua.

By default, we are such indolent creatures that the very idea of taking control of our lives and moving with it sends spasms of agony. We can wish, but so does how mother nature do their thing.

Its unfortunate that the primordial social consciousness of our forebears, and their idealistic willingness to act, are seldom seen in the so-called ourselves.

I lead a life of constant flux. I have not yet be able to put my roots down anywhere for long, like a boat in a storm. But everything I've been privileged to see and experience in my life have been a lesson in personal freedom.

I can immerse myself in the cultural millieus that produce the works we like to idealise.

Sometimes, I question why, we often remain in idolization mode even as we fail to produce stuff that approximate our idols. It speaks much of weakness.

I've learnt not to assume that anything is ever greener on the other side. There aren't too many differences between here and there.

We champion the Palestinian cause, not because we know their history, but mostly out of a false sense of kinship.

Now what is your freedom? Is it equitable to freedom, and if so, what sort of freed0m are you thinking about? Freedom from pain? From dictatorship? From bigotry? From self imposed mental shackles?

Think about it. Don't ever tell me you've achieved your freedom because we are always lived in a constant self-imposed mental shackles. We are bound from top to toe, no matter how hard you tried.

13 journeyed together:

afiqsiddhartha said...

sorry. Aku berhenti di perenggan pertama. Nanti aku baca balik.

siggplus said...

don't comment if you don't feel like so. just get the idea.

fitriah said...


siggplus said...


kudas? whats kudas? hahaha

fitriah said...

haha not kudas. it's kudos.

Hellioz said...

bound from our own self?

nthgs is in freedom actually, imho.

cause all the things we do was always in a circle of boundaries

getting out of the circle makes you a god.
God have the total freedom.
thats that.



gua pakai gugel translator boleh dak?

deus X machina said...

agree with hell
only god have a total freedom

but in Malaysia's scope
i think many bloggers need more freedom to criticize the fucking government....kikikiki

deus X machina said...

because many bloggers afraid to criticize government in their blog...

ISA is always been used as a reason

Encik Tikus said...

apesal lu tulis dalam english. terpaksa gua masuk tok translate entry nie.

Pije. said...

taknak baca ahh.

greenhall said...

mai pinjam kamus ang sat.

J. Abdullah said...

ain't this subjective? so there's no way we couldn't tell off people that they haven't achieved theirs.

and as for me, i know it's not within reach. and perhaps never will. but hey. as you say. we live in a constant self-imposed mental shackles, as you put it. one of these days, i might get there.