Sep 2, 2009

.terima kasih abang michael lai

Selamat siang semua.

Aku dapat e-mail ni sejak 3 hari lepas. E-mail dari CEO P1 tu. Bangga habis, rasa appreciated. Excited bukak, baca pelan-pelan. Ni isi kandungan dia.

Good Day Valued P1 W1MAX Subscriber,

As we celebrate our first anniversary this month, we would like to firstly thank you for being a P1 W1MAX customer and putting your trust in P1. You are amongst over 80,000 P1 W1MAX subscribers who have made P1 one of the leading WiMAX telcos in the world!

As we progress forward to becoming one of the most admired companies in terms of service quality, customer service and brand value, we acknowledge that continuous improvements are necessary as more and more people come on board the P1 W1MAX bandwagon.

I am aware that of late, some of our subscribers have been experiencing difficulties and delays with our P1 Customer CareLine and the P1 W1MAX service.

These intermittent service difficulties are the result of high traffic due to overwhelming public interest in the P1 W1MAX service. We understand that the service may, at times, be not consistent and we convey our apologies for this. As a company that has your best interest at heart, we are working around the clock to ensure that a consistently high level of service excellence is delivered to you.

To achieve this, we are working on the following:

1. 1. The successful seamless integration of multi-WiMAX networks into one:

P1 is amongst the very first WiMAX operators in the world to have successfully integrated multi-WiMAX networks into one to deliver the best broadband performance to you.

2. 2. Continuously optimizing the network architecture as we expand our coverage to enhance the multi-WiMAX network advantage:

Our engineers are continuously improving and optimizing the P1 W1MAX network architecture to ensure optimum connections. This continuous effort will increase network stability and performance to more users as we continue to grow Malaysia’s largest WiMAX network.

3. 3. Upgrading of the P1 Customer CareLine

We are also aware that our CareLine service may at times, not be at its optimum. To address this, we are in the process of upgrading our P1 Customer CareLine to handle more customers and subscribers, faster. We are confident that this exercise will be completed by November 2009 if not sooner. In the interim, we urge you to please bear with us.

Once again, we truly appreciate your kind patience and understanding.

Please continue to provide us with your feedback so that we can serve you better.

Last but not least, I would like to wish all our Muslim customers a blessed Ramadhan ahead and selamat berpuasa.

Towards broadband for all,

Michael Lai

Chief Executive Officer

Aku pasti bukan dia yang tulis, mesti macai-macai dia yang tulis. Ayat kemain manis, siap wish selamat menyambut ramadhan lagi. Palotak dia, puasa tak pernah suka hati nak wish-wish.

Internet merangkak-rangkak macam siput. Tu aku malas nak update blog tu.

Semalam dengan hari ni koneksi internet aku macam cibai. Nak bukak google search pun berejam. Babi betul.

Michael Lai pundek.

10 journeyed together:

paraxixth said...

gunakan stimix..pasti stim kerna tiada lagging untuk masuk redtube

addyaholix said...

pundek laaaa!
celcom broadband pon macam syial. pundek (lagi)!!

ainee si ketua pari2 said...

menangis michael tu..
menyesal gilak dia anta mesej camtu kat u..

syahidahariff said...

broadband mmg weh..
mcm mana pon baik la pakai streamyx..
aku tgk broadband kawan aku lampu asik hijau je..haha

siggplus said...

paraxixth : streamyx lagi teruk..ada time2 dia br ok..

siggplus said...

addy : celcom slow, tapi reliable..portable kan

siggplus said...

ainee : padan muka dia..aku harap nanti bila dia google dia terbaca entry ni..haha

siggplus said...

odah : streamyx lagi aku tak puas hati..aku orang yg slalu torrent, so streamyx adalah sangat2 mengecewakan

hanis said...

sabo la...
pose ke idok nih?

siggplus said...

hanis : tgh sabar la ni...nasib baik skrg dh ok la ckit..

mesti la posa..penuh tau..heh