Feb 5, 2010

.saya sudah, anda bagaimana?

Selamat siang semua.

In support of Nuffnang's recent project on Baby Ammar, I will be running the charity ads for a period of time. Maybe until the money collection to give that poor little boy the operation he really need is sufficient to ease his suffering.

He is currently suffering from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a disease that punch a hole through his heart, resulting in oxygenated and un-oxygenated blood mixed together and cause discomfortness to him.

If untreated, this will result in a mild case of death.

No matter who you are, what race, what religion, what faith, but for charity cause, we will become as one.

Each cent matters most.

RM1 per person, would do much for him. The operation cost RM12,000. So if each person contribute RM1, you do the math.

Its true, money can't buy love, but it can buy everything else.

I am supporting this because I, too, suffers the same fate as him when I was a baby. But in different healh problem. I was given the death warrant by the doctor. "Tak ada harapan hidup. Biar tuhan tentukan", thats what the doctor said to my parents. And thank god, I managed to get through.

For any enquiries, you can contact his mom through her blog.

Or for donations, you can wired your money to her mom at her account number Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank)

Sedih tengok budak kecik comel macam ni sakit kronik. Serious sedih.

I've done my part. Now its all up for you to decide.

14 journeyed together:

Jard The Great said...

waaa.. mantap english kamuu.. ehehehe

sya mansor said...

tak sangka pulak kau dulu pon macam adik Ammar...

sama2 kita bantu :)

Hanafana said...

ya.mmg sedih.. budak sechomel ini..
Doakan yg baek baek untuk Ammar.

arekymz membuyau said...

nak bantu gak.
tp aku xde duet..
so aku klik jela..

.millalara. said...

betapa berat dugaan buat keluarga adik comel ini.. semoga adik ammar cepat sembuh ohh~

♥HudaLuna™ said...


nk tlg adik tu mcm ne eh?

syukur awak sehat je
tp gdik isap rokok..

hope adik ammar tu cpt baik..
n rmai org bg duit utk die

annadzirah said...

he's such an adorable lil boy.
may ALLAH bless him.

joegrimjow said...

ku pun akan buat juga nanti

-N e Y r A- said...

u knal bro azllee dlm twitter? his boy, 7 yrs old suffering skrg. smlm major surgery jantung dia. im so worried until i cnt sleep. aku ta leyh tgk bdk kecik skit. sbb aku yg da bsr ni sakit pon rasa tak tertanggung. tgk bdk2 kecik comel rasa sedih gila :(

|arieza| said...

kasihan kan.. mau letak jugak the sidebar tapi tiada account nuffnang. boleh ke? huhuh sbb dok bace kt blog Ir Hydir, katenye have to log in nuff acc. i mane ade.. huhu so xleh la ek? begitu?

laila said...

asal kau punya nuff still ada xpax even dah letak charity?
aku punya semua baby ammar punya
keistimewaannya ads ni sentiasa ada sepanjang masa kan

cik EPAL said...

aku pon rasa nak buat..nice one :)

Ejay said...

ada buat collection kat opis last week utk adik Ammar...

naz said...

nice job